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Hey everyone,

Whats up??


All of life is a mission trip

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Has someone ever asked you if you have summer mission trips planned? I have and you know something a person made me realize the other day?? All of life is a mission trip; where ever we find ourselves is an opportunity to invite others into the Kingdom of God by the way we love, forgive, and show compassion.”-Derwin Gray

Personally I know you may be wondering what are you coming to?? Well something I know most Christians can work on is this whole living sold out for Christ.Its good to go on summer missions and other things like that.But it is more fruitful if you treat all of YOUR life as a mission trip.So one day God can look down on you and me and finally say well done good and faithful servant.

So think about the people you can reach and show Jesus to.Always remember that all of life is a mission trip.That means right now to the time you are no more on this earth.

CCM Lies

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1.The Word of God, in John 12:43, has the CCM artists “number”. Just like the chief rulers in John 12, the CCMers refuse to confess and praise the Lord Jesus Christ because “they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God”.

This is NOT at all true.I’ve personally been to various Christian concerts over the year.I even met some of these artists.They are real down to earth genuine Christians serving God in minstry.They want to glorify God in what they are doing NOT themselves.

2.The purpose of Christian music was NEVER meant to evangelize the lost!

This is not true either.Christians main goal is to evagelize.Many artists like Relient K,The Afters,and Switchfoot want to see people saved as a result of their ministry.

Jesus rocks!

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Yes its true.He forgives me,He loved me always.Jesus is so awesome!

Praise God!

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Hey all,
Well today I have offically decided to never give up on trying to win people to Christ.Finding out God used me to plant seeds that eventually led to someone getting saved was worth finding out.I sit here shaking and razzled up.God CAN do anything.God CAN save anyone.Just don’t give up on them no matter how much they try to stay away from God.

Survive 2008

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This past weekend was totally nice.Okay the Drama made me teary eyed because I know I have not been living my life so passionatly for God.I pretty much rode the fence. Its easy to do especially when you go to a Chritian school.Greg said that the Christian school he preached at was the worst.Immediatly I thought of ME.I thought about how the students treat one another.I thought how I treated people and was broken.Then at the outreach we were sent in a rough neighborhood were many spoke Spanish.Some of the stuff in the morning and afternoon sessions hit me.I can’t really say what did and what didn’t but I am gonna try my best to stick to my decisions.As for the double dare I am trying my best to witness to people.I go to a Christian school.But most of my family and people in my neighborhood need Jesus. The Hawk Nelson concert was fun and my ribs hurt afterward. Something that hit me is am I really willing to die for Jesus? Now I can say yes!

Refining part 1

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I will bring ythe one-third through the fire,will refine them as silver is refined,and test them them as gold is tested.They will call on My name and I will answer them.I will say,”This is my people”;and each one will say,”The Lord is my God”.Zechariah 13:9

God wants you to be pure in every way.He wants your thoughts and actions to be pure.He also wants you to be physically,morally,spritually,and sexually pure.He does not want you just to LOOK good.So pretty much he wants you to be beautiful through and through.

-You make the decision to allow the Lord to work in your life;then he does the purifying.

When you’ve been purified by the Lord,you will be as beautiful as pure gold.